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Syracuse women’s lacrosse: Hat suggestions for Kayla Treanor

TNIAAM Fashion Squad Assemble!

Syracuse Orange women’s lacrosse head coach Kayla Treanor met with the media the other day and among the topics of conversation was her sideline attire.

Treanor’s response to the question about her hat game being as strong in season two, she responded “Hopefully, yeah, if you know where to get some hats let me know”.

Well Kayla, the staff here at TNIAAM is here to help you out.

We see the Otto trucker hat in the cover and recommend this Otto from ‘47 Brand. A relaxed fit with the lovable mascot featured prominently.

Want to throw it back then how about this New Era offering?

We know that spring weather doesn’t always cooperate to when it’s a bit chilly here’s this Otto toque

Want to take it back for all the alumni, then Scholars and Champs have you covered with these options. You might think a head coach shouldn’t wear a bar hat on the sidelines but we guarantee that Anish Shroff and Paul Carcaterra would love it.

However we think the ultimate headwear choice could be a nod to legendary Orange Head Coach Roy Simmons Jr. with this Brine classic

It’s a little pricey but what’s some money when it comes to ruling the college lacrosse sideline fashion world.

Got any suggestions to add? Let us know in the comments