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Syracuse women's lacrosse: Takeaways from Kayla Treanor’s media day

The second year head coach spoke to the media on Tuesday after her team’s first practice of 2023.

Michael Ostrowski

We’re three and a half weeks away from the open of the 2023 season for the Syracuse Orange women’s lacrosse team, and yesterday, head coach Kayla Treanor met the media for the first time after the team’s first practice of the new year.

She covered a variety of topics as she and her team get ready for their season to start on February 11 in the Dome against Northwestern.

Let’s take a look at what Kayla had to say on day one of practice:

On the feeling starting year two versus year one:

“It’s an awesome feeling to be back with this group and, although we have a lot of players returning from last year, it does feel like a totally different team. They had a really great fall. We have different focuses this year, and we’re just really excited to get going today”.

On the main focus of preseason practice:

“Well we focused a lot in the fall and through what we’re doing right now on keeping the players healthy and really fit, and we’ve been really successful so far. We’re going to keep going with it. And then, for us, we have a quick turnaround. We play Northwestern on February 11 and we’re just getting going today (January 17), so just getting the players ready to go in this short amount of time. We’re trusting what we’ve done in the fall and the work they put in over break, and getting ready for a big game in game one”.

If you’ve been following this program the past couple seasons, then you already know that player health is one of the most important factors heading into the new season, especially because this team has the talent to make a big run if they’re not de-railed by the injury bug. It’s good to hear Kayla talk about a renewed focus on player health after the persistent issues of the last two seasons. Let’s just hope it works.

On looking to build off year one:

“I think, really, it’s a new year, new team, new goals, new focuses. It definitely doesn’t look the same as it did last year, so I think this group is just getting together, developing that chemistry with each other. Like I said, it’s just a new group and new team with new goals”.

Kayla mentioned multiple times the concept of a new team in a new year, so it seems she’s taking the fresh-start approach for this group rather than building off of what last year’s team did.

On motivation for this year with the way last year ended:

“Absolutely. I don’t think one person in this program liked the way we ended last year. It hurt, and it carried over, I think, certainly. We’re trying to go in a new direction and it really is a different team, but, of course, we open up the season with the team that ended our season last year, so that’s exciting. We get to play them at home, and get another opportunity to play a really good Northwestern team”.

New year or not, Syracuse does open the year on February 11 against the team that ended their season last year. The motivation will be right in front of them. Game on.

On Meaghan Tyrrell being named Preseason Player of the Year:

“Yeah, it’s so exciting. I don’t know if we’ve ever had a preseason POTY, I don’t know, but if we have I’m not sure who it was. But that’s an incredible accomplishment, and we’re all really proud of her and just excited to see her get going and be out on the field with her teammates. Looking forward to a great year from her”.

It’s definitely exciting for Meaghan to get the recognition she deserves after all she’s accomplished in her whole career, but especially the last two seasons. I know we all can’t wait to see what she and this offense do next.

On better using technology and science to monitor player health:

“It’s a huge part of what we’re doing. We have GPS units for every player, and it’s been a big part of what we’re doing and how we’re determining practices; when we can push them, and when we pull back. Our injured players, how we return them into play. A lot of the programs here at Syracuse have used it and been really successful. Both our soccer programs used it in the we’re learning a lot from a lot of the different athletic trainers and strength coaches at Syracuse but also in the country. We’ve spent a lot of time working on this, and have gotten amazing help and feedback and support, and we’re really excited to be using it this spring”.

Gary Gait talked about this same technology on Monday when he met the media, and it’s clear that both programs have put an extra emphasis on keeping players healthy through whatever piece of technology and/or scientific information that they can.

On Megan Carney and Emma Tyrrell returning from injury:

“We’re integrating her back into practice right now, and she just had a great practice, and she’s just getting back into it. Like we were talking about with the GPS units, we’ll slowly get all these players back into full speed but we’re not going to throw them right in, right away. Same thing with [Emma Tyrrell], we’re just starting to integrate her a little bit this week”.

I believe that both Meg and Emma spent the entire fall on the sideline recovering, so it’s good to see that they’re starting off the new year participating in practice. They’re being eased back in, along with some other players coming off injuries, and will hopefully be ready to take the field as soon as possible come February.

On if her hat game can be as strong this year as it was last year:

“Hopefully, yeah, if you know where to get some hats let me know”.

No need to be modest, Kayla. We know you got this!