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Syracuse men’s basketball: Updating The Jim Boeheim 1⁄4 Zip Tracker

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NCAA Basketball: Virginia Tech at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange have been a tough team to figure out during the 22-23 season. Just when you think the Orange have turned the corner they remind you that it’s not going to be a linear progression.

While we can break down the improved three-point shooting or debate who should start at forward, we can also look for the sideline to get a sense of when Syracuse is going to be successful.

Let’s go to the Jim Boeheim 14 Zip Tracker

2022-23 Boeheim 1⁄4 zip tracker

Color W-L Home Road/Neutral
Color W-L Home Road/Neutral
Blue 6-3 3-2 3-1
Grey 5-10 2-3 3-7
White 6-2 6-2 0-0
Logo W-L Home Road/Neutral
Block S 14-9 9-5 5-4
Script 2-6 1-2 1-4
2003 Syracuse logo 1-0 1-0 0-0
Boeheim 1/4 Zip Breakdown W-L Home Road/Neutral
Blue Block S 6-2 3-1 3-1
Blue Script 0-1 0-1 0-0
Grey Block S 3-5 1-2 2-3
Grey Script 2-5 1-1 1-4
Grey No Logo
White Block S 5-2 5-2 0-0
White Script
White 2003 Logo 1-0 1-0 0-0
Total 17-15 11-7 6-8

It looks like we have some clear favorites for the rest of the season. For home games, it should be the white Block S 14 zip and for road games it should be the blue Block S.

We love the script Syracuse logo. You love the script Syracuse logo. Keep the script Syracuse logo for the coaches show.

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Virginia Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

If the Orange are going to make a late-season push they need to use all the data at their disposal