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TNIAAM Reacts: Here’s what you want to see from Syracuse football on Saturday

Will we get what we want tomorrow?

NCAA Football: Virginia at Syracuse Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes it’s good to get some warmup games in and then have a breather to reset yourselves. The Syracuse Orange are hoping this week is just that, as they face the Wagner Seahawks, a program who hasn’t won a game since 2019.

Since we’re getting into game-speed scrimmage territory, it seems that per our first question, the commentariat agrees and that we shouldn’t see the starters after halftime. No need to keep running them out there and avoid the chance of any injury.

Next we asked about Sean Tucker and whether the run game will get back on it’s feet this week. An overwhelming 83% of you all are seeing Tucker crack the 100-yard plateau. And if the last question is to be believed, crack it within the first half of play, since he’ll be sitting in the second.

Another overwhelming response when asked what backup you fine folks are looking forward to seeing, as Carlos Del Rio-Wilson garnered 73% of your responses. (I personally voted Allen and am looking at Allen and Wilson, as it’s two positions we know are likely going pro at the end of this year)

The wins question returns this week for a bit of a heat check and it there was a little increase in confidence, but it seems that not a lot has changed since week two. We ran a similar question and had 50% respond with seven wins, this week we’re up to 58% after the Purdue and Virginia victories. Also an identical 30% for eight or more wins as the prior poll. Either way it’s a big improvement from the preseason expectations, since the baseline over/under for Syracuse’s win total set by DraftKings was five.

While the offense has come back down to earth, and the defense is working through some injury, this FBS matchup followed by the Fightin’ Byes should be a good season reset for the Orange.

Check back on the site throughout the season for your next opportunity to participate in another TNIAAM reacts and have your voice heard throughout Orange Nation.

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