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Syracuse football: Savor this you sickos

If you can’t enjoy this, why be a fan?

NCAA Football: Virginia at Syracuse Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a beautiful fall morning in Central New York. The sun is out. The air is crisp. The Syracuse Orange football team is 4-0.

Now stop for a second. Take a sip of coffee and savor it for a second......

I repeat the Syracuse Orange are 4-0. 4-0. Let that just wash over you for a second.

It’s only the fourth time Syracuse has started a season 4-0 since 1990. So, why can’t we just take a few moments and enjoy this without a bunch of whining about play calls and penalties and whatever else it is that so many of you are going on and on about since last night?

You know who is enjoying this start? The national college football audience is and frankly some of us could benefit from being more like them. If you’re not a CFB Twitter person, you might not be familiar with the Sickos comment in the title but basically what the Orange are doing is completely “Sicko Mode”

Syracuse has won home games so far this year when :

  • they committed 18 penalties
  • they trailed by four with under one minute to go
  • they committed four turnovers

In a normal season you might win one or two games in this manner, but the Orange have found a way to win all three. They are two wins away from a bowl game and they are confusing the world.

You know why other people are enjoying the Orange this season? Because they make no damn sense right now. Guy who couldn’t throw last season completes 80% of his passes through two games. Running back machine who couldn’t be stopped in 2021, can’t break one longer than 15 yards this season. Defense gets torched by the Purdue passing game, comes back and makes Brennan Armstrong look like he never played the position before this week.

No team has the right to keep pulling wins from losses like this but after all the misery we’ve suffered through, let’s take a little time this weekend not to try and make it make sense.

Everyone in that locker room knows they have to get better to reach their goals but to be 4-0 as we sit here in September I think Drake might have said it best about #CanadasCollegeTeam

“That’s what I like (yeah), that’s what we like (yeah)”

Now as you spend the rest of the weekend watching football, just savor the Syracuse Sickos and where they are at right now.