Site Complaints

So it's been a few months since the new format.


Finally have a way to block the illiterate people, the long winded folks, and the trolls.

Easier for noobs to post gifs, sarcasm font, spoilers.


The site does not know when I've already read comments. Each time I log on to see what new comments are out there on an article I know I've read comments on, it shows that I haven't read any comments. This is probably my #1 problem with the new site.

No "preview" button to see what your comment looks like before hitting enter.

No Subject line on comments - I use these to know if I should even bother reading a comment. If someone's subject is "Refs out to get Syracuse" or "Jim should have retired 10 years ago" I wouldn't read those, unless I am feeling frisky and looking to rag on someone.

I cannot review my own comments from the past. The last version, I could go to my Profile, see all my comments and if someone replied and could jump right back to that comment instead of trying to find it within a comment section.

Are these known issues that are being addressed?