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Game day beer picks: Syracuse vs. Purdue

Because why wouldn’t you need libation recommendations

23. International Berlin Beer Festival Photo by Britta Pedersen/picture alliance via Getty Images

Another week, another Syracuse Orange game, this time returning to the Dome for the first time since week one, to take on the Purdue Boilermakers. If you haven’t checked out Hammer and Rails, they’re the SBNation Purdue Community. Travis Miller over there gets a guest spot for the local Indiana beer since he is well versed, doing a weekly feature over there (Friday Drankin’) as well. As always our friends down at Branching Out Bottle Shop in Township 5, Camillus, helped us figure out some of the other options for the matchup.

Purdue Beer Pick: Boiler Black and Boiler Gold - People’s Brewing Company

This is one of the highlights that Travis gave us. People’s is a local brewery that was established in 2009 in Lafayette, Indiana. Boiler Black and Boiler Gold are officially licensed by Purdue and you can actually get them at the stadium. It would basically be like if Syracuse actually acknowledged Willow Rock’s “Jim” brown ale and started selling it with a Syracuse logo on it or something.

Boiler Black is a roasty porter that in my brain, style wise is one of the best tailgating beers out there for the fall. Porter, marzen or schwarzbier on those crisp tailgate days always works well. Earlier in the season you can opt for Boiler Gold which they call an American golden ale which I’m sure hits the lighter side of things compared to it’s sibling.

Syracuse Beer Pick: Tailgate Pilsner - Meier’s Creek Brewing Company

Uh, do I actually have to describe why this is a pick? This is the first year they’ve put out Tailgate Pilsner (though also only the second year they’ve been brewing, so it’s been a quick ascension). Tailgate is described as a “crushable pilsner perfect for tailgating” so I think that fits the bill for the nooner. You’re still waking up during the tailgate this week, no need to rush things and just have some lighter fare as you get to gametime.

They’re another standout local brewery and I would highly recommend their other pilsner, Floating’ On By, a German take on the pils that is absolutely delicious.

Random Beer Pick: Second Fiddle - Fiddlehead Brewing

A long time classic Vermont brewery, Fiddlehead always brings it. I figured I’d throw you hop heads a bone after a lager filled first two picks. Second Fiddle is the brewery’s flagship double IPA and has been a favorite in the Burlington area for years, but is now readily available through most of the northeast. The citrusy yet still slightly piney IPA is always a solid go-to.

Between their namesake IPA, Second Fiddle, Mastermind or any of their limited offerings, you can get whatever you need from them and it will likely be pretty darn tasty.


How about you, though? What are you drinking this weekend?