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Orange release first depth chart of the season for matchup with Louisville

Not quite what we expected.

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve made it through an offseason and the first part of Syracuse Orange game week is always looking at what is being told to us (or being held back) with the release of the depth chart. In this case it’s the first formal chart we’ve seen since the spring and lets us go from piecing together footage and notes to having something laid out there for us.

And boy does this lay a few things out:

Heading down the roster, some notes:

  • QB - Carlos Del Rio-Wilson is confirmed as the No. 2 passer in the squad.
  • RB - True frosh LaQuint Allen has impressed enough to snag the backup role behind you know who.
  • TE - The first real confusion. Listed as the No. 1 is not the assumed Max Mang, but rather Orande Gadsden II, who we had seen through camp working with the outside receivers. It will be curious to see if he’s lined up with his hand down or if this is a function of scheme. There’s a lot of “OR” happening all over this pass-catching group.
  • WR - For three spots there’s two slot guys listed and Damien Alford. The No. 1’s are all names in Alford, Courtney Jackson and DeVaughn Cooper, who we expected to see there, but the way they’re shown seems unique. Also of note, Isaiah Jones and Trebor Pena seem to have recovered from knocks and are listed as “OR” on the two-deep.
  • OL - What we expected with a group of left to right: Matthew Bergeron, Kalan Ellis, Carlos Vettorello, Chris Bleich and Dakota Davis, with Davis moving to tackle to get the best five on the field.
  • DL - No Steve Linton on the chart. Looks to be from carrying an injury per Coach Baber’s comments in his press conference. Linton is replaced by Jatius Geer on the starting defensive line, with true frosh Denis Jaquez behind him.
  • LB - Austin Roon grabbing the backup job behind Mikel Jones is the only real note here. It had been said he was impressing in camp, so it looks like it paid off.
  • Secondary - No real surprises based on what we’ve discussed over the last few weeks. Barron has officially snagged the Rover role. Expect to see a bit of rotation to keep legs fresh in this unit.
  • Punter - New comer Max Von Marburg is giving incumbent James Williams a run for his money, being listed as an “OR” for the starting job.
  • Holder - Justin Barron seems to have been confirmed as the holder, making us slightly less crazy after seeing it a few times in camp footage.
  • Returners - Pena and C. Jackson are your returners on the year. Depending on their day to day role you can always expect potential change here, but as expected.

Any other notes you all have noticed? Or is this enough alteration from the expected for a week one depth chart?