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Songs and chants for Syracuse Orange fans

Let’s try and think of something new and somewhat original

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Tampa Bay Lightning at Colorado Avalanche Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

As we head into offseason content mode we always find time to talk about the Syracuse Orange fan atmosphere in the Dome. NHL fans just spent a couple of months being entertained (or annoyed) by Colorado Avalanche fans singing Blink-182’s “All the Small Things” after goals. Fans of soccer are used to fans taking (or modifying) a popular song and making it their own and frankly we think SVP is on to something here.

So what are some songs that Syracuse could take and make their own? Let’s just cross off “Rock and Roll Pt 2”, “Sweet Caroline” and “Don’t Stop Believin’” off the list right away. Should we appease Dino Babers by making “Smooth” the Orange touchdown song? Jim Boeheim might push for some Springsteen and “Born to Run” would mesh nicely with Sean Tucker. What are some other options?

We could stick with Syracuse alums and go with “Walk on the Wild Side” from Lou Reed. The hook is certainly catchy but is it really going to get a crowd of 40k revved up? Not exactly going to get the students going. I’m one of the biggest Vanessa Williams fans around but “The Right Stuff” isn’t exactly sing-along material and if you even suggest The Chainsmokers well just walk away right now.

Speaking of walking away some of you might be thinking “Hey Billy Joel has a banner in the Dome, so what about one of his songs” can just see yourself out with the Chainsmokers folks right now.

What about Syracuse native Stove God Cooks? He’s got a track called Jim Boeheim but that’s not JMA Wireless Dome appropriate. Maybe we could convince him to get in the studio with Westside Gunn and Jadakiss and get an original Orange track for the teams to exit the tunnel instead? Let’s table that for basketball season.

Perhaps songs aren’t the way to go and instead we need more crowd chants like it was an EPL game.

So I turned to the soccer division of TNIAAM and got several suggestions for songs that Orange fans could turn to chants. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

“One Garrett Williams, only one Garrett Williams, covering lads, make them feel bad, walking in an Orange wonderland” (Tune of winter wonderland)

“Garrett Shrader, Yeah Garrett Shrader, he’s our quar-ter-back, he’s Garrett Shrader” to Sloop John B

“And Qeeeeeeee-ley, we’ll always loooove you” to “I Will Always Love You”

“Tucker’s on fire, your defense is terrified” to “Freed From Desire” (example)

“Rhi-no!” to the tune of “Day-O!”

“Oh, Da-Mi-An All-ford” to Seven Nation Army

I’m sure the administration might frown on this but who could really stop Otto’s Army from breaking out a “Run Sean Tucker. You’re a Bad Mother Trucker” chant when the running back reels off a first-down run.

If you aren’t feeling that creative Steve also offered “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” from Monty Python. This could be promising if it’s another rough Fall in the Dome. For now we’ll try to channel that vibe and ask you to tap into your creative bones and give us some fan-friendly chants for the Orange.