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What should be on Syracuse’s ACC Network Takeover day

Let’s fill 24 hour with a better representation of Orange athletics

Middle Tennessee v Syracuse

The ACC Network has begun their Takeover days and with the Syracuse Orange scheduled for Saturday we wanted to put on our programming hat and come up with a better schedule than what we’ll get from the folks in Charlotte.

In recent years the 24 hours usually includes several repeat airings of games and no original content which is really just one of the failures with the ACC Network. We know this is planned every July so task each school with producing a couple of recap shows themselves to go along with the games. The entire premise of the ACCN is to promote the schools and the conference and these days are not being maximized for this purpose. Takeover days are only focused on the previous year so we aren’t going to get classic moments and with the year Syracuse had in 21-22 we’re going to make sure every Orange team gets shown.

Here’s what we would schedule for Saturday:

Football beating Virginia Tech: A dramatic come from behind victory which featured a lot of offense and a Syracuse win. We’d also be fine with showing the Orange’s wins over Liberty or BC but I think most agree that the win over the Hokies was more exciting throughout.

W. Ice Hockey winning CHA title: Syracuse winning a conference title in overtime on home ice to earn their 2nd trip to the NCAA’s. Even if you condense the game to an hour, this needs to be on the schedule.

MBB win over Wake Forest: Giving this one the nod because it is against an ACC opponent although no issues if the Indiana game is chosen. Again these days should highlight big wins in interesting games because it’s summer and if you want people to watch it needs to be engaging.

WBB win over Clemson: Not a lot to choose from for the women but a blowout win over a conference rival should be condensed to an hour and shown. I fully expect the real schedule will air this game at least twice.

W. Lacrosse win over Louisville: The women’s lacrosse team gives us a few options. You could show the close loss to UNC in the Dome or the road win at Virginia but watching the Orange score 23 goals is probably best for entertainment value.

Field Hockey 5-0 win over UNC: No doubt this one was the signature win for Syracuse last fall. Giving the Tar Heels their worst loss in five years should be something that gets a national audience.

M. Soccer win over Clemson: Shut out Clemson on Senior Night and get to show De’Andre Kerr’s final goal in Orange? Book it.

There should also be an hour dedicated to highlights from the other sports which don’t get the television time. You can include the Volleyball win at NC State, recaps of Syracuse’s performances at the ACC XC/Track Championships, W. Soccer highlights, W. Rowing at ACC Champs and M. Rowing’s outstanding season.

Syracuse has also done some really cool student-produced work with the 44 Films series and we’d definitely find room for that work during this event. Promoting the athletes and students is exactly what the ACC Network should focus on (and what if I told you this film was directed and edited by another Syracuse athlete). This is the content we’d like to see more often.

What would you like to see aired this weekend? Let us know in the comments.