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Syracuse women’s lacrosse: Meaghan Tyrrell and Megan Carney returning in 2023

The Meg Show is coming back for one final encore next spring. Let’s Go!

Jack Wallace

Meaghan Tyrrell and Megan Carney have been linked ever since they first arrived at Syracuse as freshman, so it’s no surprise that they took to Instagram on Monday night to jointly announce their intent to return to the Syracuse Orange women’s lacrosse team for their final season of eligibility in 2023.

The message from “The Meg Show” couldn’t have been any simpler: “We’re back”. It was accompanied by a caption: “See you in 2023”.

And that’s all Syracuse fans need to get extra hyped for next spring as two of the best players in the country decided to take advantage of the extra year provided to them by the shortened 2020 season and come back for one more go-’round with the Orange.

This is obviously massive news for the women’s lacrosse program and their prospects for success next year as an offense that already had a lot coming back just officially got the re-infusion of talent, experience and leadership that they need to put them over the top.

With this news, next year’s offense will currently feature the following: Meaghan Tyrrell, Megan Carney, Emma Ward, Emma Tyrrell, Olivia Adamson, and incoming HS All-American Gracie Britton from CBA. That’s a crazy amount of offensive talent, and that’s before you get into other solid pieces like Jenny Markey and Natalie Smith. The Orange are going to light up the scoreboard next year.

From an individual perspective, this announcement could ultimately have a major impact on the Syracuse record books. Meaghan Tyrrell has a chance to break the school’s career points record currently held by Katie Rowan at 396 points. Meaghan returns with 308, a solid 88 points shy of the record. If she can stay healthy, Meag has a chance to put a serious imprint of the program in all three of the major offensive categories.

But that’s not the goal, as I’m sure Meag would be the first to tell me.

The Megs have come back for one more run at bringing home a national championship, and their inclusion on next year’s roster gives the team a shot at doing just that. Don’t you just love exciting lacrosse news in summer time that allows you to dream these dreams?

Welcome back to the Megs! We can’t wait to see them back out on the field in 2023!!