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Roundtable: What do you want out of Syracuse Topps cards and NFTs?

Will they come with sticks of bubble gum? That probably wouldn’t work well for the NFTs

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Thanks to some recent partnerships, Syracuse Orange fans will be able to get their hands on trading cards and NFT’s featuring Syracuse athletes. So we took to our Slack channel to find out what the staff is hoping to add to their collection.

Which player’s card do you most want from this season?

Kevin: I’ll go with Meaghan Tyrrell who had the best individual season of anyone outside of Sean Tucker. Women’s lacrosse seems like it’s going to continue to grow and getting a Tyrrell card is a long-term investment.

Andy: Sean Tucker autograph. Dude is an absolute stud and they better include a nod to his performance pleasing tweets on the back.

Mike: (Chrome) Sean Tucker. It’s hard not to double down when we’re talking about the best offensive talent SU has had in many years.

Steve: Big man love. Need a Matthew Bergeron before he gets in the league and blows up.

Which player will have the funniest photo for their card?

Kevin: I’m going to go with Jesse Edwards here only because I think in 10-15 years he’ll look back at his hairstyle and shake his head.

Andy: You gotta get a Joe Girard attempting to draw a soft foul face in the set somehow, because not only do we see it at least once a game, but it would be an iconic card image.

Mike: If we weren’t just doing players, you know I’d go for one of the many meme-worthy Boeheim faces out there, but you figure Garrett Shrader will get one showing off his beard a la Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Steve: Rhino. I don’t think there’s another option. It’ll be one of those classic non-sequitur cards of him messing with someone.

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If Topps does their usual rookie autograph program, who’s card will become most valuable?

Kevin: Joey Spallina. He’s got the hype in a sport which is taking off with the kids these days so I think there will be a lot of interest in him beyond Syracuse.

Andy: I’m going off board and going Francois Nolton. The edge rusher is already the prototypical Tony White freak athlete, but brings a more traditional Power 5 size to the role. Add in Syracuse’s current success rate with turning these types of players into draft picks, and I think Nolton has a chance to be the first Syracuse defender first round draft pick since Chandler Jones.

Mike: Judah Mintz. Regardless of recent performance, Syracuse Basketball is still one of the more recognizable brands in the NCAA and the timing of Judah’s commitment combined with his raw talent and NBA potential will get people interested and fast.

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Steve: I may take a flyer on a Dom Foster rookie auto. We are DBU after all, and he’s the highest rated secondary player we’ve got coming in.

If they include cards with game-worn items, which would you want to see?

Kevin: Pieces of the Dome roof.....just kidding. You know I want pieces of a Jim Boeheim sports coat, one of Ian McIntyre’s ties and Kayla Treanor’s Otto hat to be part of this set.

Mike: Get creative and take some lacrosse-stick string from Spallina’s inevitable double-digit point performance. I’d also settle for some of the JAB jacket/quarter-zip pieces.

Steve: Do they have stock of old Shafer visors or Marrone windbreakers (complementary mustard stains from the bologna sandwiches)? If you’re looking value it’s obviously Tucker’s game worn jersey from the game breaking the single game rushing mark.


Now it’s your turn, what Syracuse items would you hope to collect?