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What’s a Syracuse football camp like for a recruit? We had one player offer to share his experience

Find out what stands out when players are looking to impress

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

As Syracuse Orange football fans wait for the start of fall camp, the coaches are focused on recruiting the future roster. Summer means camps and in-person evaluations which can convince the staff that the player has what it takes to contribute at the P5 level. While we don’t often get too into the business of recruiting, a prospect reached out and offered to share his impressions of his Elite Camp visit so we thought this was a great opportunity.

Zyir Daniel is a defensive end at Calvert Hill in Maryland and if that school sounds familiar it’s Sean Tucker’s alma mater. While he’s currently unranked on 247, the 6’1 230lb defensive end was on campus last week to showcase his ability in front of Dino Babers’ staff.

We sent Zyir some questions to get a feel for what these players notice while in Syracuse and let’s get to his responses.

TNIAAM: Is there anything here that stood out compared to anywhere else you’ve visited?

“I didn’t really get to see the campus or get a full tour of the football facilities this time, but walking up to the field house and seeing the statues of some legends like Jim Brown was pretty cool.”

TNIAAM: What are the key points the coaching staff are highlighting about Syracuse?

“That you’re getting top notch education and well as top notch football coaching and mentoring. You can’t beat that!”

Syracuse Introduce John Wildhack As Director Of Athletics Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images

TNIAAM: What was your impression of the facilities?

“I didn’t get to do a tour, but I like the fact they have several practice fields and the field house. I did take a peek into the weight room and I know that’s where I will spend most of my time lol”

TNIAAM: What are some of the most important factors that you’re looking for in a school?

“Mainly having the major I’m desiring, which Syracuse is one of the top business schools in the country. Also, having a strong alumni. After seeing how strong my high school alumni is, I know that it’s important for networking and connections.”

TNIAAM: How do you feel you performed during the camp?

“I think I performed very well. Coach Achuff told me “I got the juice” lol. There was even a cameraman following me during the 1 on 1 drills. FYI: Sean Tucker went to my school, Calvert Hall. I just transferred this year, so I don’t know him, but heard a lot of great things about him.”

We’re certainly pleased to hear that Sean Tucker’s reputation predates his Syracuse days. It seems like the staff is really pushing the combination of education and athletics that the Orange can offer. We do talk a lot about rankings and stars but it’s important for Babers to think about culture fits and finding athletes who want to maximize both areas.

Thanks to Zyir for taking the time to share his perspective and we wish him well with the recruiting process and his season at Calvert Hall.