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NBA Draft 2022 preview: Comparing ACC prospects to current NBA players part II

Let’s take a look at the rest of the ACC prospects

NCAA Basketball: Lafayette at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get to the second half of our NBA Draft comparison including a couple of Syracuse Orange players hoping to play their way onto a roster next Fall


Buddy Boeheim, 6’6” 195 lbs Guard, 22 years old

Pro Comparison: Duncan Robinson

Similar to Duncan Robinson, Boeheim already has a clear role in the NBA (if he ends up there). His role will consist of coming off of screens, spotting up, and catching and shooting, a much simpler role During his last season at Syracuse, Boeheim was asked to do a lot more in the scoring department but it turned out to expose more weaknesses than strengths in his game. For a player of his mold, less is more. Either way, there’s always room for a shooter on an NBA roster, especially in the modern NBA.

Jimmy Boeheim, 6’8” 215 Forward, 24 years old

Pro Comparison: Luke Babbitt

Similar to Babbitt, Jimmy Boeheim has the physical profile of a traditional small forward but in the modern NBA, they’re more suited as stretch fours. They’re also both left-hand dominant. Although, Boeheim is a capable scorer from the perimeter, he’s more of an inside-out scorer. Similar to his college teammate Cole Swider, he won’t jump over you or blow by you but he has the strength to get to his spots and get his shot off.


Mark Williams, 7’2” 242 lbs Center, 20 years old

Pro Comparison: Tyson Chandler

Mark Williams was one of (if not the most) intimidating shot blockers in college basketball last season. Williams ranked 5th in the entire nation in total blocks (110 blocks in 39 games). At the next level, his role will be as a rim-protecting, rim-running lob threat similar to former NBA All-Star Tyson Chandler. If Williams continues to star in his role as he did at Duke, he can carve out a long career in the NBA.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament West Regional-Arkansas vs Duke Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Wendell Moore Jr., 6’6” 217 lbs Forward, 21 years old

Pro Comparison: Alec Burks

Wendell Moore was one of the more improved players in college basketball last season. He was given more responsibilities as a go-to scorer and ball handler and stepped up as the veteran leader of the Duke Blue Devils all the way to their run to the final four. Moore compares favorably to Alec Burks who has a versatile skill set as far as being able to hit big shots, set the table for their teammates, and get stops on the defensive end. However, it’s likely Moore will be asked to play the role of a 3 and D wing at the next level.

Trevor Keels, 6’5” 223 lbs Guard, 18 years old

Pro Comparison: Marcus Smart

Trevor Keels may not win a Defensive Player of the Year award like Marcus Smart but have a lot of similarities. For one, they’re both combo guards that can use their 220 pounds frames to be switchable defenders being able to guard 1s, 2s, 3s, and in some cases smaller 4s in today’s NBA. They’re also not afraid to take big shots when the moment is presented to them but can both be erratic with their shot selection and decision making. Like his college teammate A.J. Griffin, Keels will still be 18 years old during the draft and will also be turning 19 in August.

Wake Forest

Jake LaRavia, 6’8” 227 lbs Forward, 20 years old

Pro Comparison: Juancho Hernangomez

We’re not comparing acting skills here, this is strictly about basketball. For those not aware, Juancho Hernangomez starred in the Netflix movie “Hustle” which released on June 8th.

Like Hernangomez, LaRavia has the physical profile of a wing but will play the role of stretch four. But there’s more to his game. LaRavia, has demonstrated his ability to be a swiss army knife from his ability to score from the perimeter, find open teammates, and his tenacity on defense. Although, he didn’t generate a lot of hype througout the season, he has quietly risen up draft boards and could perhaps sneak toward the end of the first round on June 23rd.

Notre Dame

Blake Wesley, 6’4” 187 lbs Guard, 19 years old

Pro Comparison: Jamal Crawford

Similar to Jamal Crawford, Blake Wesley is a microwave scorer who passes the eye test but not the numbers test. They both share a wiry frame and a herky jerky style of play. One area for improvement is for Wesley to become a more efficient scorer at the next level (40% FG, 30% 3PT, 65% FT). He also needs to improve his shot selection and overall decision making.

Virginia Tech

Keve Aluma, 6’9” 235 lbs Forward, 23 years old

Pro Comparison: Keita Bates-Diop

Similar to Keita Bates-Diop, Keve Aluma is an inside-out scorer that isn’t overly reliant on athleticism. Aluma can score in the post, facing and, and can stretch the defense out at a respectable rate (33 percent from 3 point range). He’s not known as a defender but he’s no slouch on that end of the floor either. His main area for improvement is continuing to expand his range and becoming a more consistent shooter from the perimeter.

Did we miss any ACC prospects? What comparisons would you make for this group?