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Syracuse women’s lacrosse: Emily Hawryschuk selected in Athletes Unlimited college draft

The former Orange star will be continuing her career at the professional level this summer in the AU Pro league.

Jack Wallace

Two weeks ago, Emily Hawryschuk’s illustrious Syracuse Orange women’s lacrosse career came to an end.

On Tuesday, the future of her lacrosse career came into focus as Emily was selected No. 13 in the 2022 Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse College Draft. She was the only Syracuse player taken in the 15-player draft.

Athletes Unlimited is a women’s professional sports organization that began operation in March of 2020 and features four different professional sports: basketball, volleyball, softball and lacrosse.

AU operates very differently than traditional pro sports. Players are not drafted onto teams, they are simply drafted into the league. Every week during the season, team rosters are changed so you will play with a different group of teammates each week.

The league also uses a totally unique scoring system for players based on both their individual and team performances. During the course of a game, players can accumulate and lose points based on the plays they make such as gaining points for scoring a goal or picking up a ground ball, or losing points for committing a turnover. Points are accumulated over the course of the season to determine the MVP as well as cash bonuses.

2022 will be the second season of AU Lacrosse, and it’s set to take place at USA Lacrosse headquarters in Sparks, Md. from July 21 to August 14. It will be shown on the ESPN family of networks.

Emily and her fellow draftees will become a part of the 56-player pool that will comprise the league this season. Here’s a look at the full draft results:

  1. Charlotte North, A, Boston College
  2. Jamie Ortega, A, North Carolina
  3. Emma Trenchard, D, North Carolina
  4. Aurora Cordingley, A, Maryland
  5. Taylor Moreno, G, North Carolina
  6. Sydney Watson, M, UConn
  7. Courtney Taylor, D, Boston College
  8. Ally Mastroianni, M, North Carolina
  9. Lauren Gilbert, A, Northwestern
  10. Jill Girardi, M, Northwestern
  11. Paulina DiFatta, G, Pitt
  12. Livy Rosenzweig, A, Loyola
  13. Emily Hawryschuk, A, Syracuse
  14. Ally Palermo, D, Northwestern
  15. Arielle Weissman, G, Michigan

Good news here is we have four North Carolina, two Boston College and two Northwestern players who got drafted, so we won’t have to worry about seeing any of them next spring.

Congratulations to Emily on this wonderful accomplishment. I’m looking forward to seeing her score goals at the professional level later this summer!