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Troy Nunes is an Absolute Podcast: A football podcast in May, because we can.

So much football news.

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We’re into the offseason content for the Syracuse Orange but that doesn’t mean the ‘Cuse world stopped. We’re here with a full blown football pod in May, because why wouldn’t we be. There’s also a smattering of other sports at the end for furthering the reach of the Otto-man Empire.

In this week’s edition of the Podcast, the guys talked about...

  • The quarterback room getting a little more crowded with Carlos Del Rio-Wilson...
  • The Syracuse football schedule dropped and we’re in primetime.
  • SP+ looks both better and worse somehow?
  • HOMEFIELD APPAREL (Use promo code NUNES for 10% off your first order)
  • Oshae Brisett gets a National Team callup.
  • Orange soccer update, because Miller and Buchanan are back with Canada’s National Team.
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