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Syracuse men’s basketball: Who’s been offered for 2023?

Checking in on who Jim Boeheim & co. are targeting

Duke v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

We haven’t heard much about the Syracuse Orange and their plans for the Class of 2023. While they have offered scholarships to over a dozen players, none have committed just yet. Here are those potential recruits and how serious their interest level in SU seems to currently be (all data via 247 Sports unless otherwise noted):


D.J. Wagner - The Orange are one of five programs to offer the Number 1 prospect in the class of 2023. It’s a longshot to land him though; the 6’3” combo guard seemed dead set between Kentucky and Memphis, both of which he officially visited in October. Louisville recently entered the mix as well.

Elijah Fisher - Another Top 25 prospect, the Toronto native is likely to head farther south. The shooting guard visited Texas Tech and also has Kansas, Kentucky, and Oklahoma State on his radar.

Aden Holloway - The first guy SU has a serious chance at, Holloway does not seem close to making a decision. His only official visit was at Tennessee just a few weeks ago. The 6-foot point guard from Indiana has 13 total offers, so I don’t blame him for taking his time.

Syndication: South Bend Tribune Michael Caterina / USA TODAY NETWORK

Blue Cain - Syracuse is one of six to offer this Top 100 recruit. Cain does not have any official visits under his belt, but I have to imagine playing for his hometown Vols would be the shooting guard’s preference.

Reid Ducharme - This shooting guard clocks in as a borderline 3/4-star talent. On paper, Iowa and Providence are the main challengers, though, like Cain, he has not made any official visits.


GG Jackson - The top South Carolina prospect is only moving up one state, as he hard committed to North Carolina last Wednesday. He’s the only offered player that is now officially off the table for Boeheim’s bunch.

Matas Buzelis - Duke and Kentucky seem to be the top players for New Hampshire’s prize recruit. SU looks well out of the race for the 5-star, behind even other ACC programs Wake Forest and Florida State.

Gavin Griffiths - Yet another face of a state, it’s anybody’s guess where the Connecticut kid ends up. His only visit so far was to Iowa.

Kaden Cooper - The Orange are the latest in a flurry of people to offer Cooper, who has shown significant improvement during his junior year of high school. The running total of schools interested is 20 and counting.


Isaiah Miranda - Stop me if you’ve heard this: the number one prospect from a state (Massachusetts) has lots of interest outside of Syracuse. I wouldn’t bet on bringing him in.

Papa Kante - Kante is another guy at the edge of the 3-star/4-star ranking, and someone who is far from making his choice. However... he did make an unofficial visit to Syracuse in August. Interpret that how you will.

Finally, there are several unranked big men. JP Estrella has been one of Syracuse’s primary targets since last August (Editor note- Estrella is up to 18 offers, 13 from P5 schools). Ugonna Kingsley was offered just over a week ago. So was Tafara Gapare after he decommitted from George Washington and reclassified to the Class of 2023.

So... that was either a comprehensive report or a whole lot of nothing. You can be the ones to tell me below. Are you concerned with the supposed lack of interest in SU? Think Jim Boeheim’s year-to-year Head Coaching status has anything to do with it? Feel free to sound off.