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100 things we’re looking forward to when Syracuse football returns

Cheap content alert!

Pittsburgh v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

It’s 100 days until the Syracuse Orange football team welcomes the Louisville Cardinals to the JMA Wireless Dome so here’s 100 things we’re looking forward to seeing next fall;

  1. Sean Tucker in action
  2. The first announcer who has to remember to welcome you to the JMA Wireless Dome, not the Carrier Dome
  3. Playing the “Will my Dome Dog be fresh?” lottery
  4. That one guy wearing a Shafer era platinum jersey in the crowd
  5. Watching Chris Elmore flatten an unsuspecting corner back
  6. Mikel Jones going sideline to sideline
  7. Quarterbacks looking at Garrett Williams’ side, turning to Duce Chestnut’s side, then bracing for Stephon Thompson’s hit
  8. Seeing if Garrett Shrader’s first deep throw connects
  9. Looking for the first media tweet complaining about the wi-fi
  10. Constant advertisements about said wi-fi
  11. The crowd’s nervous anticipation for Syracuse’s first punt of the year
  12. Being able to enjoy the game without losing 10 pounds of sweat sitting at the top of 331
  13. Two words; inflatable jumpies
  14. Fielding confused comments in the game thread thanks to number changes from last season
  15. The first calls for Dino to put Carlos Del Rio-Wilson into the game
  16. Wondering if Syracuse can start 1-0
  17. Sean Tucker breaking a tackle in the backfield
  18. Steve’s 10,000 word offensive line recaps
  19. Our first Dancing Floyd celebration
  20. Watching at home game as drunk dudes try to collaborate on a way to steal a row of bleachers before the Summer 2023 renovations
  21. Same goes for the seat cushions so they can actually sit in them
  22. When they unveil the Paul McCartney banner next to Billy Joel’s
  23. The first time Shrader keeps on the RPO and rounds the corner with lots of green in front of him
  24. The pre-game hype video that sounds like it was recorded underwater because the crowd can’t understand anything being said
  25. The annual Dome tin giveaway, because who doesn’t have enough of those already?
  26. Seeing Robert Anae’s offense run some creative plays
  27. “Is it basketball season yet?” jokes
  28. Tailgating on the Quad or at Manley
  29. A packed student section
  30. Hearing the Touchdown horn again
  31. Walking through the sliding doors without our ears popping
  32. Beer cups with lids, a truly revolutionary way to keep the spills to a minimum
  33. In-game promotions that we can’t hear because the sound system still sucks
  34. Fans insisting they’ll always call it the Carrier Dome
  35. Relaxed COVID restrictions and hopefully a 40k plus crowd or two
  36. Those staged player celebrations on the giant video board
  37. Students “from Boston” who show up for games wearing Brady’s Tampa Bay jersey
  38. Listening to the best music from 2016 during tv timeouts
  39. Matthew Bergeron pancake blocks
  40. Key Bank’s “Keys of the Game”
  41. False starts on the opposing offense on 3rd and 3
  42. When Szmyt happens
  43. Spotting Mounir Hima in the student section
  44. Sean Tucker plays the final home game wearing this number
  45. The first “We Want Bama” chant from the student section when up on Louisville.
  46. The first “this team may actually be pretty good,” tweet from the Nunes account.
  47. The first “this team may be very bad,” tweet from the Nunes account.
  48. The first “who is that guy,” and googling the Syracuse roster moment at home.
  49. The first “who is that guy,” and attempting to google the Syracuse roster, but failing because of the bad wifi at the JMA Dome.
  50. The first time you see the Ernie Davis statue on your walk towards the Dome.
  51. Hearing the band on the Quad when you’re not quite on the quad.
  52. Deciding which t-shirt to wear, because it will still be 100 degrees inside the Dome. (Especially if it’s Homefield)
  53. Or, deciding on which jersey to wear: the nice new Nike one or the way more comfortable and breathable old one with peeling numbers. (We know you’re going to choose the old one)
  54. Someone donates the money to build a statue of Dwight Freeney sacking Tom Brady
  55. Flipping the banner at Varsity
  56. Then trying to convince the bartender at Faegans that Flip Saturday is a real thing
  57. Testing your old ID to see if you have enough SUpercard to get a pretzel
  58. The first time a drunk dude kicks his beer over and you watch everyone below him scramble to move their things as the beer slowly streams down the 300s
  59. Looking at the 1959 National Championship Banner
  60. Heading to DraftKings to put money on Syracuse to win the National Championship
  61. Old timers preaching about the Big East days
  62. Even older timers preaching about being an independent and reminding everyone about it when Notre Dame visits
  63. Enjoying the A/C for the early season home games (of which there are a lot this year)
  64. Having a TE
  65. Seeing what impact those 150+ question surveys had
  66. Reminding people it’s Axe throwing with Sean Tucker, not Axe throwing at Sean Tucker
  67. Also reminding people not to throw Axes at Brent Axe even if he’s tweeting about the Red Sox during the Louisville game
  68. Holding our breath when the first starting offensive lineman is helped off the field
  69. Dome Nachos
  70. Sean Tucker catching a swing pass
  71. Potentially the last year before the 3-5-5 schedule is implemented
  72. Kids wanting to ride the Dome Roof coaster
  73. Pounding the bleachers one last year
  74. “It’s a Syracuse... 1st Down!”
  75. Promot- *ahem* Theme Days
  76. All the Dome puns
  77. Not having to boo Pete Davidson away again
  78. Pride of the Orange
  79. The crowd rising in anticipation at the prospect of a long kick return
  80. Figuring out how Purdue snuck that drum through the Stadium Control gate
  81. That one guy who crowds too closely at the trough
  82. A student figuring out how to hack the scoreboard so they can stream their Fortnite game on it
  83. Complaining about holding
  84. Deleting those spam accounts posting illegal stream links in the game threads
  85. The return of TNIAAM pre-game shows
  86. Getting to the Quad early to watch Orange Girl perform in front of Hendricks
  87. B-roll footage of Dinosaur BBQ
  88. Nooners
  89. Refusing to call it Orange Central
  90. People complaining about games on ACC Network
  91. Beating UConn
  92. Playing two ACC games in September
  93. Buying cheap single game tickets from the Notre Dame fans who bought seasons for one game
  94. Getting mad at Packer & Durham’s ACC Power Rankings
  95. When the official Orange Out shirt is released three days before the Orange Out game
  96. Otto being Otto
  97. #ExtendBabers
  98. Convincing ourselves Syracuse will be 5-0 on October 2nd
  99. Marlowe Wax’s tackling power rating
  100. Sean Tucker’s post-game tweets

There you have it, now let’s hear yours....