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Men’s Basketball National Championship game thread

UNC or Kansas? Who ya got?

Syracuse’s Carmelo Anthony, 2003 NCAA Finals SetNumber: X68059 TK2

Well Syracuse Orange fans we’ve reached the end of the 21-22 college basketball. With tonight’s game in New Orleans we know you’ll be able to drum up some better memories, but in case you need a little help here you go.

As for tonight’s game once again the Kansas Jayhawks find themselves playing for the title in the SuperDome. Can Bill Self find himself cutting down the net or will Hubert Davis win a title in his first year as the Tar Heels coach?

What’s the over/under on shots of Roy Williams tonight? Do you think it’s more or less than the number of times we hear Coach K’s name?

Let’s just hope we’re staying up late tonight to see a good game and not another UConn-Butler borefest. And let’s really hope that this time next April we’re preparing to watch Syracuse play for another title. Use this thread to talk about the game and congratulations to former Syracuse WBB center Kamila Cardoso for winning a national championship with South Carolina last night.