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New Syracuse stadium name means we need new nicknames

Don’t worry “The Loud House” still works

Wagner Seahawks v Syracuse Orange Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Since Friday’s announcement that the Syracuse Orange would no longer play in the Carrier Dome, some fans haven’t taken the news well. We know that change can be hard for many and we’re here to help.....though if you are against one corporate name shouldn’t you still be referring to the place where Syracuse plays as Archbold?

Just because a different name will appear in the game notes and opening graphics packages, you can still call it “The Dome” but if that feels awkward then let’s run through more possibilities.

Now we don’t know the exact way the naming will occur. Is JMA Wireless Stadium? JMA Wireless Dome? JMA Wireless 5G Sporting Venue? Let’s just go with JMA Wireless Stadium since Syracuse has been trying to make Stadium a thing for a while. The JMA Wireless website gives us this to start with:

A disruptive force in the wireless industry, JMA Wireless is restoring U.S. leadership in wireless technology at a critical time in the transition to 5G.

Disruptive force kind of sounds like Mikel Jones and the Syracuse Orange defense doesn’t it? We could roll with “The Disruptive Dome” on Fall Fridays and Saturdays when the Orange are looking to create havoc for opposing offenses. We could see the marketing folks trying to push some corporate synergy with this one.

NCAA Football: Albany at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

When hoops season rolls around we’ll be hearing a lot of “Jams at the JMA” or “Cuse jams in the JMA”. Still feels forced and kind of stretched despite those Dads pulling up their cargo pants and chuckling about their connectivity puns. Now if we want a crowd-rallying dunk to be a “Dome Disruptor” there’s some bandwidth available to explore.

How about individual NIL deals?

That #5 jersey is now available Joe so maybe think about it and cash in while Buddy is out of the picture. Perhaps JMA would be willing to name one of their antennas “The Rhino” because it clears the way for fast, efficient delivery? We think Sean Tucker would be pleased by that development.

What do you think? Are you hoping for it to be the JMA Dome? Do you only care about what happens to the troughs? If so I’m sure Syracuse would listen if you want to offer them a naming rights deal to keep them in place after the renovations. Let us know in the comments.