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Syracuse ends Carrier Dome naming rights deal

The Dome has had the Carrier namesake on it since it opened in 1980

Michael Ostrowski

The Syracuse Orange just terminated one of the most recognizable naming agreements in college athletics. The University is buying out its lifetime contract with Carrier, signed as part of the initial deal to build the Dome. JMA Wireless, a tech company based out of nearby Liverpool, will take over the naming rights agreement.

The original deal was one of the first examples of selling naming rights in college sports. In 1979, Carrier gave SU a $2.75 million gift to help fund the stadium project in exchange for naming rights “in perpetuity.” Over time, Carrier’s contributions paled compared to other deals across the country, and Syracuse spent years trying to end the agreement. It’s unknown how much SU paid to get out of the deal.

In an ironic twist, this announcement comes just two years after the Dome added air conditioning as part of the first phase of renovations. Despite being named after Carrier, it did not have a/c for four decades.

JMA is adding a 5G Wi-Fi system as part of Phase 2 of facility upgrades. We’ll see if they deliver as promised or if the historically bad internet will continue and become the next running joke of the stadium. Either way, this recognizable sight of the Syracuse skyline will have a new name - one I imagine is going to take some time getting used to.