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Thursday’s Sweet 16 open thread

And we give you a TNIAAM Bracket Challenge Update


The NCAA Tournament is back tonight and of the four games tonight only one the Michigan Wolverines would be a surprise to be there. You’ve got Jim Boeheim’s friends trying to get Gonzaga and Duke to a match-up out West and Jim Boeheim’s title pick Arizona trying to knock off the Houston team that knocked the Syracuse Orange out last year. Then there’s Jay Wright and Villanova seemingly flying under the radar.

You don’t even need to find TruTv tonight to enjoy what should be a great night of games. We know many of you want to see Coach K retired but is it worth the narrative swinging back to “ACC bad”? Do you want to see a title game of the best mustaches in college basketball?

Over in the TNIAAM bracket challenge we have five brackets tied for 1st right now with 450 points. tzyn82, RobOrange, espn26679719 and drothgery all have Gonzaga winning it while Black squirrels has Purdue so tonight could throw the leaderboard into chaos should Arkansas get the win.

We’ll use this post to talk about the games and whatever nonsense the studio crews throw out there tonight. Let’s hope Rex Chapman doesn’t kill another former Providence HC at halftime.