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Boeheim or Larrañaga? How well do you know your ACC Jims?

Let’s test your skills before Saturday...

Syracuse v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Whenever the Syracuse Orange and Miami Hurricanes meet each other on the basketball court we get to make jokes about how much the Jims look like each other. Do they really look like that much alike or are we stereotyping balding coaches in their 70s who wear glasses?

Let’s test your knowledge....answer key below (no cheating)

No answers yet...



Do you try and cheat on Wordle too?



If you’re a Syracuse fan and you are looking for help, it’s not down here.



Answer Key:

A: Larrañaga

B: Boeheim

C: Boeheim

D: Larrañaga?

E: Larrañaga?

F: That’s Dan Hurley. We’re seeing if you were paying attention while also pointing out Hurley’s future

How’d you do? Let us know in the comments where you ended up.

6 correct: Congratulations on knowing your Jims (and Hurleys)

4-5 correct: We’re frankly disappointed

2-3 correct: #DisloyalIdiot

0-1 correct: You need to pay more attention to these games