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GameThread: Syracuse Orange (11-11, 5-6) vs. Louisville Cardinals (11-11, 5-7)

Remember, you don’t hate Syracuse as much as Pete Davidson

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 05 Syracuse at Miami Photo by Samuel Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled Syracuse Orange viewing. We’re all set for a 2 pm start on ESPN2 between your Syracuse men’s basketball team and the Louisville Cardinals. Continuing with our theme of welcoming random people to watch a game at the Carrier Dome, this week’s guest is notable Saturday Night Live star, Syracuse hater and Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Pete Davidson.

In any case if you need some more light reading before or during the game, enjoy some of our latest articles and Louisville previews, such as:

My friend and yours, James, is on-scene for the action. Your comments and/or complaints can be directed towards his twitter @JamesSzuba.

As always, let the discussion begin below!