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We look at some of the best achievements of the first year of Jim Phillips leading the ACC

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Last night during an exciting fast-paced basketball game between the Syracuse Orange and NC State Wolfpack, ESPN decided it was a good time to bring ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips into the broadcast. The premise was to discuss his first year on the job but conversation between the commissioner and Seth Greenberg took a turn towards the transfer portal and poor Anish Shroff was left to try and steer the conversation back to the Raleigh Wegmans.

Since you know we like to look at things from a different lens we decided to reflect back on the first year of Commissioner Phillips’ tenure and see what he’s accomplished. Here’s what we came up with:

  • Made Coach K retire.

We could do without the farewell tour but to push out the all-time winningest coach as a new commissioner is wonderful stuff. Now we can all figure out how many years it will take Jim Boeheim to surpass his win total and whether or not Jim Boeheim IV will be on that roster

  • Ruined Clemson Football

Maybe it’s only short-term but to watch as Dabo had to struggle through this season like others then have him lose both his coordinators to head coaching jobs at other schools. Everyone outside of Clemson sure appreciates the Commissioner for doing this work here.

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  • Blocked CFP expansion

It takes strong leadership to watch your conference get left out of a four-team playoff yet remain steadfast that you don’t want to expand to 8 or 12. Who cares about getting an opportunity to play for the CFP Championship when you can sit back and watch Notre Dame decide who gets to join the two teams from the SEC and some overrated Big 10 squad each January

  • Formed an Alliance

Speaking of the Big 10, we also saw the formation of The Alliance with them and the PAC 12. What does the Alliance do? Do they save each other from getting voted off the island by Greg Sankey? We don’t really know any details but when Syracuse finally gets that road football game at Oregon State we’ll know who to thank.

  • Launched a study to relocate the ACC Conference office from Greensboro

Nothing says college athletics like paying some outside firm a lot of money to do something any idiot with a blog could tell you. The ACC wants to get to a city with more marketing and business opportunities. The ACC Network is located in Charlotte, a bigger city with more opportunities. You don’t need to pay someone to consider moving to Boston or Washington DC, just rent a local U-Haul and move everything to Charlotte.

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  • Gave us Spring Football (and got the ACC XC Championships onto the actual ACC Network and not just a stream)

We don’t have any sarcastic remarks to make for this one because we are happy that the ACC is forcing all teams to hold a spring game for the ACC Network. We want to see a better utilization of the network instead of 2019 Virginia Football games and Coach K propaganda films.

What would you like to see the ACC accomplish in Year Two of Phillips’ tenure?