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An Irish fishing boat named Syracuse has stopped the Russian navy’s offense

This is the best defense we’ve seen from a Syracuse all winter


You know that you’ve created a strong community of Syracuse Orange fans when you get this notification.

There’s a lot going on around the Syracuse Orange these days but you know we’re not going to ignore an important story like this. Thanks to Andrew Graham for pointing us to VesselFinder we have some more info on the boat that isn’t afraid to go script and isn’t afraid of taking on anyone. Putin. Nick Saban. Mark Few. This boat will take on anyone as long as it’s in their home waters near Castletonbere.

But how did an Irish fishing boat end up using the Syracuse name and logo. Could these fishermen be fans of Gerry McNamara or were they converted by G-Mac’s teammate Matt Gorman when he played professionally in Ireland? Is there a connection to former Orange football coach Dick MacPherson?

The team here at NunesMagician would love to find out more about Alan Carleton and his crew. Alan looks like a guy who’s sick and tired of Joe Lunardi and Doug Gottlieb mocking Syracuse. He’s not going to stand for any slander of Jim Boeheim and he’s not letting the Russian navy interrupt his fishing. Perhaps Alan would be available to come in and offer suggestions on how to defend the perimeter without allowing penetration into the zone.

We’ll be working all our sources but feel free to drop any tips in the comments. As #IrelandsCollegeTeam we salute Captain Carleton and crew and we implore them to hold that line and turn away the country that dreams of a Duke-Georgetown National Championship game. Now how do we get some Otto merch to them?