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Syracuse football: DE Jalil Smith signs with the Orange

Syracuse continues its focus on long-term upside with the defense.

Rutgers v Syracuse Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Welcome to National Early Signing Day(s) 2022! Can the Syracuse Orange close the deal with their committed players? Are we in for any more surprises before next week’s Pinstripe Bowl?

We’re going to be updating those signing with the Orange. Next one up is:

Name: Jahil Smith

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Previous School: Abraham Lincoln High School

Stats: 6-5, 230 lbs

Position: Edge

Ratings: Three stars from 247, unrated everywhere else

Other Offers: Temple, Bowling Green

Twitter feed: @iamfutureja_

Player Breakdown: Similar to a couple of other signings by Syracuse so far, Smith addresses the holes in the Orange’s ability to consistently put pressure on opposing quarterbacks and containing elite running backs. He’ll need some time on the field to fully develop (especially with adding more moves at the line of scrimmage), but all signs point to him being a hard worker, a pretty solid athlete, and a culture setter for a Syracuse defense looking to stay as one of the most productive in the NCAA.