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Syracuse football: our Ambassador of hatin’ is back to give Fleck flack

Row the boat eh!

Minnesota v Wisconsin Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

The Syracuse Orange and Minnesota Gophers began their Pinstripe Bowl media tour this week. While you’re going to hear both programs complimenting their opponent, we certainly don’t want to spend the next three weeks playing nice to Goldy’s gang.

So when you want to get under the skin of your opponent, you make a call up North and get the Chief Chirper himself, Shoresy back to take over.

“Ok Bud. Go grab yourself a Puppers and let Shoresy take care of things.....

Philip John Fleck Jr. Why would you call yourself PJ? What are you 11? Did you need to make it easier to write your name in crayon? Give your balls a tug, eh.

Who wears a shirt and tie under a 14 zip? Did you pick up some extra shifts down at the Olive Garden in St. Paul?

Tell your Mom to buy you something new from the Garanimals collection for Christmas. Those pants are tighter than Hal Steinbrenner’s wallet.

Northwestern v Minnesota Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Going to row row row your boat right back to the MAC you overhyped Bret Bielema. Give your balls a tug

You’re such a tool that PJ Stock starting asking people to call him Phil so people wouldn’t confuse him with you.

Nice sunglasses Michael Chiklis. Give your balls a tug Commish.

Is it true you shaved your head just to make people think you were the shortest Hasselbeck brother?

Who pulls scholarship offers just weeks before signing day? That’s weaker than Reilly’s backhand....that’s weaker than Jonesy’s dangles...the only thing weaker is your mentor Greg Schiano’s sportsmanship.

NCAA Football: Outback Bowl-Minnesota vs Auburn Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

PJ can’t wait to hit the Times Square Sbarro for some famous NY pizza. Probably going to have his dinner at Bubba Gump like a plug. Plug Jabroni Fleck is what they should call you....ok and I’m done. Time to go take some clappers.”

Ok I think we’ve got nothing to add to that. This is why you’ve got to take heed when coming to challenge #CanadaSCollegeTeam.