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Syracuse football: Bad Boy Mowers Pinstripe Bowl O’Meter

One last look before official word comes out Sunday

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Well Syracuse Orange fans, we’ve finished the season at 7-5. With a few more days to go until the official announcements, let’s check The Official Bad Boy Mowers Pinstripe Bowl O’Meter and see what this week’s bowl predictions show:


Bonagura: Birmingham Bowl vs Missouri Tigers

J-School Bowl!

Schlabach: Fenway Bowl vs Cincinnati Bearcats

With Luke Fickell leaving for Wisconsin, who knows what Cincy would offer in a bowl game as many players might be playing for transfer opportunities.

Brett McMurphy- The Action Network

Gasparilla Bowl vs UConn Huskies

You can tell how much effort someone puts into bowl projections when they have rematches scheduled.

College Football News:

Fenway Bowl vs Memphis Tigers

Probably better than facing Penny’s team right now if we’re being honest.

CBS Sports

Fenway Bowl vs East Carolina Pirates

Get McNabb and Jeff Blake to be honorary captains!

The Athletic

Pinstripe Bowl vs Minnesota Golden Gophers

Row the Boat up the Hudson PJ!

We know that Syracuse asked not to be sent to the Fenway Bowl since it is scheduled for the day after final exams end. Will the ACC honor that request and send one of the teams the Orange beat instead? Hopefully so, not because of the game, but because the whole benefit of bowl eligibility are the extra practices for younger players.

Which of these opponents would you like to see the Orange play?