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Game day beer picks: Syracuse vs. Pittsburgh

We’ll find you a true taste of all three rivers...

Daily Life In Warsaw Photo by STR/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Back on the away wagon, the Syracuse Orange are heading to the former ketchup capital of the world for a matchup with the Pittsburgh Panthers. While you’re waiting for the Orange to right the ship and get off this two game slide, we have some options for you this week, all available and found down at Branching Out Bottle Shop in Camillus. Tell them I sent you, or something...

Syracuse area beer pick - Heritage Hill Brewery Paladin Wit

A Belgian style witbier clocking in around 5.5% and spiced with coriander and orange peel. The name is a nod to the family name of the farm and brewery owners. Bonus points if you drink this out on site prior to the game. Heritage Hill has become a favorite locale to grab a beer and take in a view. Located in Pompey out near Three Falls Woods, it’s a perfect post-hike food and brew stop. They also host Coach Baber’s Thursday night show weekly if you want to show up for that.

Pittsburgh area beer pick - Dancing Gnome Wishbone

Dancing Gnome is a standout in the Pittsburgh beer scene and I’m pretty sure Mr. Cassillo referenced them before. That said, they’re great and just opened up a new taproom. They also now apparently limitedly distribute, as Wishbone is available at the bottle shop much to my surprise. Wishbone is a 5.0% American pale ale that stays flavorful and citrusy for the style and keeps you coming back for more.

Random beer of the week - Sierra Nevada Celebration

This is the only thing remotely associated with Christmas allowed in the house prior to Thanksgiving (I’m sure my wife does not abide by this). Celebration is a classic west coast hopped goodness. Dank, bitey, classic Cascade and Centennial profile, it’s great. Sierra has been around for 40 years, and still busts out the classic, consistent and quality styles as needed. This is always one of my favorite beers of the year.


There’s some previews of what I’m looking at. What are you all drinking?