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TNIAAM Reacts: Orange fans have mixed opinions on the ending of football season

It’s amazing what a losing streak can do to the perception of a program

Florida State v Syracuse Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images

Another week of TNIAAM Reacts! As always, we appreciate everyone who votes on the polls as we gather the pulse of Syracuse Orange fans. You’ve voted, and here’s how you’ve responded.

Syracuse haven’t looked exactly all that great during its current four-game losing streak, and it’s tight among Syracuse fans whether that means the Orange will lose out the rest of the way.

Vettorello does have one more season of eligibility, but it is the extra COVID eligibility season. We’ve seen plenty of players across all sports decline to use that extra year. Also, despite his season ending injury, Williams projects to be one of the best corners available in the upcoming NFL draft.

With turnover looming on the offensive line and a lot of uncertainty about the quality of the backups behind the current starts, it makes sense that this unit is of the most concern heading into next season. And while no one is set to leave from the defensive line, it makes sense to add some size to help beef up the guys up front.

Ok, while I’m glad that at leas the majority of you are excited, there should be more. After the disappointment of the past few seasons, this should be a time of celebration for the Orange. No reason to set a bowl game as the expectation of the program if more fans aren’t onboard.