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TNIAAM Reacts: The future is upon us

Well, at least it is in question and answer form.

Notre Dame v Syracuse Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

This week we asked you all to look into some Days of Future Past for the Syracuse Orange and see what we could come up with for some key concepts on next season’s squad. You all answered the call and we’ve got some poll questions to go over here:

Before the 2023 gammut, we did want to see who you all wanted to see at quarterback. A resounding response came back in favor of Garrett Shrader over Carlos Del Rio-Wilson. I would add to this a second poll question of immobile Shrader vs CDRW. I know who I would take in that scenario, but it seems most of the commentariat is thinking Shrader will be healthy and good to go this weekend.

On to the future picks. I’m personally disappointed in the lack of Enrique Cruz stans out there, though 15% is better than most offensive linemen get for credit. That said, LeQuint Allen is the runaway winner when it comes to who everyone wants to see next year. The backup running back has had some work behind Sean Tucker, but not enough to shake a stick at. Maybe it’s the mystery that makes him so intriguing?

The future of this season seems to be vehemently in the seven or eight wins basket. Enough of you went optimistic, thinking the Orange will take out one of Florida State or Wake Forest as well as Boston College. Or if you want to go full Syracuse, knock off FSU and Wake and lose to BC... Why do I hate myself enough to write that...

The optimism for next season seems to be a bit staggered. With a significantly more winnable out of conference, as well as home games against BC, Clemson, Pitt and Wake it shapes up as a decent slate. Also road games against Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech are quite winnable (Florida State and UNC maybe less so). If the team can remotely hold serve, that shapes up to be a decent squad, but without the scheduled dates, who’s to know if they’ll make it into the rankings.


Thanks as always for participating in this week’s TNIAAM Reacts survey. Be sure to check back early next week for another fan survey.

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