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Syracuse football: Bye Week U predictions and poll

Toss out the record books when rivals collide

Virginia v Syracuse Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

The Syracuse Orange are 5-0 for the first time since 1987 and now here comes long-time rival Bye Week University.

What do we think will happen in Saturday’s game with The Fightin’ Byes? Let’s get to the predictions...


Syracuse 76, Bye Week U 8

It’s an aerial onslaught for the Orange as they go after Bye Week U corner Ocho Walnut. After last week’s trio of 1st career touchdowns, Syracuse gets five players their first scores- Donovan Brown, Wes Hoeh, Juwaun Price, Dan Villari and Nate Wellington find the end zone before Bye Week’s Sarrett Ghrader breaks a long run on his 51st carry of the day. This game will move so quickly many Syracuse fans won’t realize it was on tv.


Syracuse 12, Bye Week U 9

Both coaches draw inspiration from the Thursday Night Football game and treat the JMA Wireless Dome to an absolute offensive disaster-class. Andre Szmyt hits one more field goal than his rival Sandre Azmyt and the Orange scrape past Bye Week U with Tony White getting carried out on his shoulders.


Syracuse 44, Bye Week U 10

Not only does Sean Tucker set the single-game rushing record he narrowly missed out on last week, he does it to the tune of four touchdowns. Then the Orange Send Villari and he both throws and catches a TD pass in the second half. The Fightin’ Byes try to mix things up with Warlos Rel Dio-Cilson but he immediately pulls an Orlovsky and runs out of his own endzone for a safety. SU proceeds to kneel the ball for the rest of the game.


Syracuse 144, Bye Week U 10

I know I called for them to go for the Cumberland in the Things to Watch post, but I don’t think they quite get there. Both Sean Tucker and LeQuint Allen may break the single game rushing mark in this one. Miraculously, Leave Stinton records three sacks for safeties and Okaleb Cechukwu gets two of his own after Max Von Marburg (the version with the twirly, Wario style moustache for Bye U, amazing that they both have the same name) pins the Orange on their own one five different times, all resulting in safeties. I would assume this is a Scorigami.

Now it’s your turn, what’s going to happen in this one?


Who wins the game between Syracuse and Bye Week U?

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  • 59%
    Syracuse and we quickly move on to NC State
    (84 votes)
  • 40%
    Bye Week U and we forget this game ever happened
    (57 votes)
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