A Well Deserved Rest: The State of the Syracuse Football Fan

This episode our heroes find themselves in unprecedented territory. The once lovable underdogs known as the Syracuse University Football Team has grown into a pack of glorious hungry wolves. Expectations have materialized from thin air, readjusting the artillery to focus on conquering the Atlantic Coast Conference. Adaptation has played an undeniable role in the ascension of our heroes as Lord Shrader of the Ground has seemingly grown wings and taken his talents to the air. To those who propose this team is yet to be tested, have you forgotten so quickly our past. A team that could ill afford to take any battle for granted. We must continue to encompass this mentality as Winter will soon be upon us. A bye week followed by two ranked opponents is no time to get comfortable as we must sharpen our blades for the fight ahead. Rest up and get healthy because as we advance towards our goals we will soon learn that such a simple thing as a number located to the left of our name has transitioned us from the hunter to the hunted. Take to this bye week as a bear does to hibernation. Sleep easy yet stay hungry, our greatest test is still to come!