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#FakeNunes previews Syracuse vs. Bye Week University

The Fightin’ Byes are back

NCAA Football: Purdue at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Wednesday, so you know what that means... time for the blog that gives you the internet’s most ridiculous college football preview series- it’s #FakeNunes time. Have we found some creative ways to get #jokesandgarbage into a Syracuse Orange preview? Probably not but if one of you chuckles this is a success in our book.

Now onto this week’s opponent

Opponent: Bye Week University Fightin’ Byes

Location: Recently relocated to Syracuse, Indiana

Students: 1,144 students who have trouble remembering that they aren’t in Syracuse, Kansas anymore

The 2022 Fake Nunes Statistical Index (#FNSI)

We continue to look to innovate our analytics model so we here’s what the lab cooked up for this season.

NEW Rivalry Trophy

The FNSI staff realized that some of what’s missing in these games is that the Orange aren’t playing for any rivalry trophies and they are out to fix that injustice. Each week the winner of the FNSI will get to take home a new trophy. This week we give you

The Vale on Onondaga Trophy

A lot of people forget that Bye Week University was originally founded as The University of Syracuse and was located on Onondaga Hill until Orange legend Vic Hanson challenged them to a “loser leaves town” game. After winning 19-6, Syracuse University students walked to their rivals campus and chanted them out of town singing

“Bye bye bye. U of S is no more. Bye bye bye cuz you didn’t score.....more points than the Orange when you played us today”

(Ed note: a lot of songs back then didn’t have a catchy hook)

That was the start of Bye U and their nomadic journey around the US as they seek a place they can truly call home.

The Great One Hair Factor

In order to maintain our status as #CanadasCollegeTeam, each week we look at who is wearing #99 and determine who has the better salad.

Elijah Fuentes-Cundiff stays on the two-deep this week and his beard is on point. Unfortunately this is a hair contest and he can’t match Adam Banks’ luscious locks.

Advantage: Bye Week U

Notable Alum

Bringing back this one as we love to drop some knowledge every now and then to help our loyal readers possibly win a trivia night. After all we are the Syracuse blog that loves you back and we take that seriously.

This week in honor of the prime-time performance of Riley Dixon on Monday Night Football, we’re matching him with Bye U alum, Diley Rixon, a punting analyst with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Advantage: Syracuse

Football Program Hashtag:

None vs #byebyeboris

Shrewd move by the social media team at Bye U to make themselves #UKsCollegeTeam with this one

Advantage: Bye Week U

Linebackers Coach Looks Like:

Fans of the LeBatard Show might know this game, it’s where we guess what is the best description for a position coach from each team. This year’s choice will be linebackers coach. This week’s match-up:

Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage and Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We can only find this photo but Antonio Blanco looks like he should be in a tag-team with Pentagon Jr.

Tony White looks like he’s ready for the hot tag so he can clean house.

Advantage: Syracuse because we don’t go against the Mob

The Official #FakeNunes Game Prediction

This rivalry continues to be one-sided as Bino Dabers continues to lean on quarterback Sarrett Grader running the ball again and again. Grader becomes closely acquainted with Mikel Jones and Marlowe Wax. When Syracuse gets the ball, Oronde Gasdsen has his way with Ocho Walnut beating the defender over the middle all afternoon.

Orange fans are excited to see another blowout as Syracuse takes care of their rival 44-4.