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Syracuse football: Bad Boy Mowers Pinstripe O’Meter

Some new matchup projections this week

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Well Syracuse Orange fans, the good news is that even with an undefeated season out, the Orange are still going bowling. Yes, we’ve filled The Official Bad Boy Mowers Pinstripe Bowl O’Meter and now it’s just about playing for the best landing spot possible.

Let’s check and see what this week’s bowl predictions show:


Bonagura: Cheez-It Bowl vs Kansas State Wildcats

This one just isn’t very exciting, but hey spend a few days at Disney after Christmas

Schlabach: ReliaQuest Bowl vs. Kentucky Wildcats

The MOB vs projected 1st-round QB Will Levis would be fun to watch...unless Will ducks them to protect his draft status

Brett McMurphy- The Action Network

Holiday Bowl vs Washington Huskies

A winter trip to San Diego where Dino can look for the next Mike Schmidt/Tony White addition to his staff

College Football News:

Bad Boy Mowers Pinstripe Bowl vs Iowa Hawkeyes

Yeah there’s really nothing we can say to make this appealing. Maybe go see The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway instead

CBS Sports

Cheez-It Bowl vs Texas Longhorns

Alright alright alright.

Sports Illustrated

ReliaQuest Bowl vs. LSU Tigers

A trip to Tampa to play the Tigers. Terrific times.

Obviously the Orange Bowl would be the top choice of these options but now that Syracuse is officially eligible who would you like to see them play?