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Syracuse football: players anticipating chance to rebound against Notre Dame

One loss isn’t deterring the Orange from what they still want to accomplish this season

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 22 Syracuse at Clemson Photo by Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The No. 16 Syracuse Orange are in unfamiliar territory, coming off their first loss of the season in Death Valley. They have a chance to right the ship against Notre Dame, and many of the ‘Cuse players shared the same message this week: on to the next one.

Sean Tucker

  • “Clemson’s defense wanted to take me out of it... I didn’t get the ball, but you know, things happen, so you just gotta move on.”
  • Clemson was “a game we thought we had” entering halftime. Noted how the offense shutdown combined with the penalties cost them.
  • Tucker is “really confident” that the Orange can win out, as he referenced in a previous tweet. “We played a good team, a top-five team in Clemson, and came up close. So we know with the rest of the opponents that we have definitely a good chance at it.
  • That tweet also reiterated that Sean is healthy; he said he wanted to “put that rumor to rest.”

Kevon Darton

  • On playing as an undersized defensive lineman: “You don’t really have to worry about anything once you get on the field. Just playing hard and getting off the ball.”
  • Said it was “definitely insane” to get a scholarship and work his way into starting minutes.
  • Seeing veteran leaders like Mikel Jones and Garrett Williams putting in extra work has inspired Kevon to do the same.
  • “It’s exciting when everybody’s packed in the Dome. When you’re on the field, you can see everybody cheering for you, and it gives you a lift.”
  • Defense isn’t worried about getting too tired. “We’re really thinking about ‘We make this play, they’re off the field, we’re off the field.’”
COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 22 Syracuse at Clemson Photo by Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Ja’Had Carter

  • On his two turnovers: “Coach White always emphasizes running to the ball and good things can happen.”
  • During the scoop-six, Carter relaxed when he looked up at the Jumbotron and saw there was no one behind him. “Luckily I didn’t see anybody, so I just walked it in.” It was his first TD since he was a high school receiver.
  • It was “breathtaking” to have his performance at Clemson, with his mom in attendance as well.
  • Even after playing in a packed Death Valley, Carter said the Dome has the better environment. “Number one on my list for sure!”
  • “No matter what the outcome is, we got to always stick together.”
Syracuse v Clemson Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images

Matthew Bergeron

  • Blocking scheme is the same whether Garrett Shrader or Tucker is running the ball. Most of the time, he doesn’t know who gets the ball until they’re past the line of scrimmage.
  • Said a lot of the younger guys who came in off the bench led the film review on Sunday and kept everyone’s spirits high heading into the Notre Dame game.
  • “We competed against one of the best teams in the country, and I think it’s a really big thing for this program.”
  • Knows that the Orange play great programs the rest of the way and they need to get momentum back quickly.
  • Confirmed that he will be leaving the program after this season. “Personally, it’s going to be my last two games in the Dome, so hopefully I’m going to go out in a good way.”
  • “I don’t really like Notre Dame” got a few chuckles out of the room.

Damien Alford

  • On his late-game grab: “It’s what I’ve been working for. I’ve been practicing stressful situations... and I was in the right mental state to make that catch.”
  • Secondary receivers are “still working hard” to get open and build chemistry with Shrader.
  • Keeping it close against Clemson, along with his catch, have Alford a confidence boost moving forward.
  • Having another sellout will be “crazy” to see.

Mikel Jones

  • Mikel appeared in the Players’ Tribune talking about Syracuse’s growth as a program while he’s been here. Said that he wanted to give some perspective on why this team is really different.
  • On Marlowe Wax: “I love that guy. He’s a great teammate, a great brother on and off the field. And he’s a dog. He’s just like me.
  • On being a part of this year’s Orange team: “It’s hard to take it in all at one time because there’s so much going on.”
  • Happy that Sean tweeted about wanting to win-out. The rest of the team is buying in because of him.

NOTE: No appearance from Shrader again this week.

Saturday’s game against the Fighting Irish is a noon kickoff and will be broadcast on ABC. It will be the second straight sellout for the Orange.