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Syracuse men’s basketball: game thread vs IUP

Let’s watch some exhibition basketball

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse Orange Tip Off Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange men’s basketball season kicks off tonight with an exhibition game against Division II Indiana University of Pennsylvania. How will the Orange look in year one of the post-Buddy Boeheim era? Will we see man to man defense tonight? How many walk-ons will score tonight?

Not sure how many of you will be streaming tonight but here’s a place for you to chat about the Orange and the return of the sounds of sneakers squeaking on the Dome hardwood as Jim Boeheim yells at Jon Bol Ajok about something.

One thing to note for tonight and moving forward:

I don’t know about you but it feels weird to be so focused on football with the basketball season starting. Still, it’s great to have you all back joining us as we find out if I’m bad luck to men’s basketball but good luck to football. If that’s the case we might have to figure out some editorial job-sharing....we can revisit in March but for now enjoy the game that does not count.