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TNIAAM Reacts: Optimism meter increasing for the Orange

Seems at 6-0, things are turning up Millhouse

NC State v Syracuse Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

As is the theme this year, folks, we asked questions about the Syracuse Orange football season and you answered. This time we’re approaching this from the lens of a 6-0 football team who hasn’t seen this record in more than three decades. Now it’s on to crunch time. The Orange have six games left and no guarantees as to what they will finish this year at, but they know they’re starting the stretch off in Death Valley against the Clemson Tigers.

Anyway, on to the responses:

While the staff went a little cheeky and left out Florida State from the poll, results are pretty skewed to Wake Forest, and rightfully so. The Sam Hartman show, on the road, should be another great game to mark on the calendar.

He’s the QB. He’s one of the most improved players on the team. He’s of course Garrett Shrader. Most of you thought he deserved the nod as the midseason MVP this year. The emergence of Orande Gadsden II has also moved the needle, garnering more than half of the non-Shrader voters. All four guys listed would have been indispensable to this campaign to date.

Optimism rising in Orange Nation. Two weeks ago, this was overwhelmingly “Seven or Eight.” Now we’ve added another win to the tally and we’ve added one to the answer. Looking at the schedule and your responses above, it seems it’s Boston College and Notre Dame that are getting circled at this point.

The fans flocked to the Dome for NC State for the first sellout since the 2019 Clemson game. That game was the only sellout since 2002. Looks like there may be another one to add to the books this year, with Notre Dame and Florida State both coming up to visit in the coming weeks.

I’m mildly surprised that the Orange garnered the second place votes here, but it seems mostly consensus that the fanbase thinks the winner of the league will come out of the Atlantic. It also seems obvious it will be Clemson. We’ll see if that shifts after this week.


Join us again next week for another TNIAAM reacts survey.

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