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Syracuse football: product ideas for the next wave of Marlowe Wax snacks

A little #jokesandgarbage for a Friday

Wagner v Syracuse Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Here at Nunes Magician, we’re always ready for the latest developments in Syracuse Orange athlete food-related content. Thanks to NIL this area is sure to keep growing like in the case of linebacker Marlowe Wax.

If the Orange are able to keep their winning streak going, then more product partnership opportunities will present themselves. That’s where we come in....

Cupcakes or donuts with a MarshMarlowe filling seems like low-hanging fruit but that’s never stopped us. Call us Glazed and Confused and let’s put something together.

Wax Stax Chips- kind of like Marlowe stacks up opposing offensive players in the backfield.

MOB candy - Milk Chocolate Over Bacon and of course they come in football shapes.

Tackle Toffee Crunch which pairs well with an orange Strip Sack Shake

What other products could we see next? We’ll drop some of our ideas and then let you have an opportunity.