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Troy Nunes is an Absolute LiveCast: Buh Bye 2021!

Recapping the week that was and the year that was!

Rhode Island v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team played the Virginia Cavaliers this week in a return to action that began the age old questions, “Is this team actually bad? Or is this the beginning of an elaborate scheme to sneak in the tournament as a 12 seed?” While we don’t have those answers, the first LiveCast of 2022 will do what every other show does... and talk about 2021.

As usual, Christian and Steve hoped on the Nunesmagician Twitch Channel on Sunday night to recap the week in Orange, with Andy returning from the holiday hiatus!

In this week’s edition of the LiveCast, the guys talked about...

  • Football talk! Because of course.
  • Garret Williams declares... that he is staying in Syracuse!
  • Naturally, a conversation about football assistant coaches turns into a roster building conversation at Syracuse... sorry not sorry.
  • What did we see in 2021 that is framing 2022 for the football program? (Spoiler: We talk quarterback play and the program at large. Yay?)
  • Syracuse lost to Virginia in basketball. It was not pretty.
  • Steve knows Beef People.
  • We walk through the Era of Mediocre Men’s Basketball
  • Now the ACC is mediocre in all sports, does that mean Syracuse can sneak their way into something?
  • Syracuse basketball “Remember Some Guys”
  • Bane Voice “I was born on the short bench!”
  • We remember our favorite moments of 2021
  • Join our Discord!

These will be taking place every Sunday night at 8 PM ET, so feel free to join in the fun or wait until the following Monday morning for the re-watch above!