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What’s next for Nunes Magician

The saga continues...

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Syracuse Orange fans. Now that some time has gone by from John’s departure from the blog I felt this was a good time for a State of TNIAAM update.

Let’s address the giant Otto in the room right off the bat.....I don’t believe myself to be the writer that Sean or John are and I don’t look at this as “my site”. Like many of you I was a reader who enjoyed the variety of ideas and different take on Syracuse sports.

Since it’s the middle of the year I stepped in because I wanted to do my part to keep the original spirit alive. We have a good group of writers in place here and we are in the process of bringing more on-board. My goal is to steer the ship and put the ball in the hands of the more talented teammates.

Many of you have lamented some of the missing original elements in recent years and there’s no promises of a return of The Quindenion but we’ll work to bring various dimensions of Syracuse sports coverage. We’ll continue to work to include more coverage of Syracuse’s Olympic sports and the athletes finding success in them. We’ll try to incorporate more analytics and sports-betting information in the pieces and above all we won’t forget the #jokesandgarbage.

The rest of the #disloyalidiots and I are committed to try and build upon the foundation established by Sean and John. We want to incorporate the emerging technologies as well so we are exploring more uses of TNIAAM Discord and Twitch. Let us know if you’d be interested in more game watch usage of those and for anyone interested in contributing we’d encourage you to use the FanPost option or email us at

Above all I’m not promising this third act will be as good as Rocky III, but the goal is to make it better than D3. If we’re not delivering what you want to see, let us know.