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Troy Nunes is an Absolute LiveCast/Podcast: A bold new Orange World!

Big things taking place in Orange world!

The Syracuse Orange are not part of a football school. However, basketball has been having a doozy of a season, and in a weird twist of fate, John leaves the blog and all of the sudden football news comes flying in!

As usual, Christian, Steve, and Andy hoped on the Nunesmagician Twitch Channel on Sunday night to recap the week in Orange!

In this week’s edition of the LiveCast/Podcast, the guys talked about...

  • It’s a new era! The LiveCast is now the Podcast and the Podcast is the LiveCast. Yay!
  • We start with our veggies: what’s a bigger long term concern for the Orange: Cole Swider’s admittance the team is still learning the zone, or Benny Williams glued to the bench?
  • Time to praise Joe Girard... for his driving?!
  • Our first Syracuse men’s lacrosse segment of 2022!
  • How big of a deal should be making of Joey Spallina’s NIL deal?
  • We talk Syracuse’s facility upgrade.
  • CROOTIN’ TIME! Welcome to Syracuse Francois Nolton!
  • Assuming that Nolton is a part of (a very thin) defensive line rotation, where does he fit into the Tony White 3-3-5 scheme?
  • Welcome to Syracuse Dan Villari!
  • Can Robert Anae and Jason Beck turn one of these quarterbacks into Josh Allan?
  • We are very pleased with Sean Tucker’s performance this past weekend.
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