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Our 2nd Jim Boeheim sideline fashion update of the Syracuse basketball season

The Hall of Famer has had a favorite look this season

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse Orange head coach Jim Boeheim likes to downplay how much he pays attention to analytics but our research would seem to indicate otherwise. As we saw with The Official Jim Boeheim Jacket Toss Tracker™ Boeheim doesn’t want you to think he’s relying on the statistics but he’s well aware of them.

Jim Boeheim Sideline Fashion Statistics

Boeheim 1/4 Zip W-L Home Road/Neutral
Boeheim 1/4 Zip W-L Home Road/Neutral
Blue 7-3 4-2 3-1
Grey 4-7 4-2 0-5
White 4-6 2-1 2-5
Black Coaches vs Cancer 1-1 1-0 0-1
Block S 13-12 10-4 3-8
Script 1-3 0-1 1-2
No Syracuse logo 2-2 1-0 1-2
Boeheim 1/4 Zip Breakdown W-L Home Road/Neutral
Blue Block S 7-3 4-2 3-1
Blue Script 0-0 0-0 0-0
Grey Block S 4-5 4-1 0-4
Grey Script 0-1 0-1 0-0
Grey No Logo 0-1 0-0 0-1
White Block S 2-4 2-1 0-3
White Script 1-2 0-0 1-2
White No Logo 1-0 0-0 1-0
Black Coaches vs Cancer 1-1 1-0 0-1
Total 16-17 11-5 5-12

While we patiently wait for the Orange Head Coach to break out an Orange 14 zip we see that Jim’s gone to the grey early and often. Is he trying to make up for the painted over concrete Dome walls or pay homage to the Syracuse winter sky? The bland look has been successful at home especially when paired with the Block S logo.

You’ll also notice that the best looking sideline apparel that Boeheim has worn this year is 0-2 and unlikely to see the lights of another arena this season. What we don’t know yet is if Boeheim will prevent any Syracuse fans from purchasing this incredible crewneck during hoops season

NCAA Basketball: Villanova at Syracuse Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

With the Orange looking to turn things around with a winning streak we don’t think we’ll be seeing Jim going script for a while. Will he go back to the blue after Tuesday’s win or will the predicted cold temperatures this week mean the touch of grey returns? No matter what our staff will be prepared to track the impact of Boeheim’s fashion choices on Syracuse’s record.