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The Council of 44 conclave commences

Watch for the Orange smoke to rise above the Carrier Dome

Syracuse V Michigan

The zoom call opens with a picture of the Syracuse Orange Block S taking up the screen. A voice welcomes three guests to the call: Mandel44, Rob44Swims, and 2ptOwens44 join the meeting.

WildhackSU: Thank you for joining the call. My apologies for not having my camera on but I’ve got some poor reception here. I asked the council to convene to celebrate the accomplishments of our fine freshman running back Sean Tucker

Mandel44: Didn’t he play last year?

WildhackSU: Yes but the season didn’t count

2ptOwens44: So his stats don’t count then?

WildhackSU: Yes they do

Rob44Swims: Well that’s not fair he’ll get five years..

WildhackSU: Gentlemen I think we agree the 44 needs to be active once again right...

A message pops onto the screen JBrown32 wants to join

Rob44Swims: Is that Jim ?

WildhackSU: Probably just Jeff Brown one of our boosters. Let’s continue. The Davis and Little families have given their blessing to do as this council determines. I’d like to have you give Sean the jersey at the Clemson game so are you on board? If so use the raised hand emoticon....

Three hands raise on the screen as a camera snaps a screenshot

A message pops onto the screen NFLGOAT wants to to join

Mandel44: Are you sure Jim couldn’t make the call?

WildhackSU: Yeah that’s Tom Brady wanting some tv production advice. Let’s just wrap up this business because I’m sure you all have things to do.

2ptOwens44: So you want us to be in town for the Clemson game?

WildhackSU: Yes. We want to do the presentation right before kickoff when we’re live on ESPN. I’ll have our staff make the arrangements and don’t forget the local media will be reaching out for comments so share all of this with them.

LAXGOAT wants to join

WildhackSU:Looks like our new men’s lacrosse coach Gary Gait wants to chat so I have to go. Looking forward to seeing you on the field gentleman

The laptop screen closes and Josh Black nods his approval to Luke MacPhail then opens his messages and texts “Tucker Protocol is in motion”.

Chris Elmore checks his phone and turns to face John Wildhack “Thanks for coming over Mr. Wildhack, Airon and I have to go watch film now but we’ll talk more about those Senior Day plans soon”

Servais and Elmore smile as they walk out of the football lounge and initiate Phase II of the Tucker Protocol.

Will our Orange heroes find success with their plan? Or will the powers that be catch wind of the scheme and stall their momentum with more meetings and discussions? Stay tuned for the next episode of Council of 44....