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Syracuse football: Orange wearing all-white uniforms at Ohio

Just in case you’re curious about what Syracuse will be wearing for week one.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Clemson Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back to chronicling uniform decisions, which means the Syracuse Orange are taking the field very soon.

When they do so, against the Ohio Bobcats on Saturday night, they’ll be wearing all-white uniforms — white helmets, white jerseys and white pants.

It’s no surprise that SU would be donning white for this opener on the road, especially once Ohio revealed it would be a “blackout” on their side. So the all-white vs. all-black matchup should be a cool aesthetic.

Syracuse hasn’t worn the all-white combo since last year’s loss to Clemson, and they’re actually 0-3 in all-white since switching to the new uniform set in 2019. The other two losses were to Louisville in 2019 (entertaining enough game) and Maryland (yikes) in 2018. SU is just 5-13 in the white helmets, 2-8 in the white jerseys and 1-5 in the white pants since the start of 2019. They haven’t won in white jerseys since the 2019 game at Duke.

The poor records above are a bummer in general, of course, but especially in terms of this uniform combination. I’d contend it’s one of the best combos in this set, yet it’s hard to look “good” when you’re losing game by a couple touchdowns, no matter what the jerseys or helmets look like.

Like the choice here? I know someone’s going to post a picture of the 90s uniforms, so might as well get that over with,