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Sean Tucker joins the ranks of prolific Syracuse Orange tweeters

We at TNIAAM have inducted Mr. Tucker into the hallowed halls of prolific tweeting.

Rutgers v Syracuse Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Dion Waiters. Jerome Smith. Sean Keeley. We at Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician appreciate our tweeters. As a blog that came about during the Twitter era and has grown thanks to the social network, we have come to appreciate those that exist in the Syracuse Orange Twitter Bubble but do something different. It’s not about smart, it’s not about volume, it’s about owning your own schtick, and committing to that schtick past the point of humor and into meme territory.

We are pleased to welcome Sean Tucker into the pantheon and are pleased with his performance thus far.

For those who do not know the joke, Sean Tucker (@seantucker2020) has taken the AIM high school tradition of leaving your varsity stats on your away message (5 pts, 2-6 FG, 1 3pt, W 30-25) and turned it into high art. Aside from the occasional RT of a Syracuse football video or graphic, Tucker’s Twitter Feed is simply a recap of his on the field performance.

It doesn’t matter the score, it doesn’t matter the stats, Mr. Tucker’s commitment to the craft is why we have chosen to induct him into the TNIAAM Prolific Tweeters Hall of Fame. Your Nunesbucks are in the mail.

Now, in this brave new world of NIL, I would humbly like to suggest to Mr. Tucker that he expand his bit ever so slightly to include other tasks he must complete around CNY. For example:

“Successfully restocked the fridge at @Wegmans in DeWitt today. Not happy I forgot some things, but overall happy with my performance. I was able to purchase 1 week’s worth of produce, and 3 family packs of marinated chicken.”

“Successful dinner at Tully’s tonight. Ate the full buffalo tender platter and 3 bowls of popcorn, but realized late specials are probably more cost efficient. I’ll fix that next week. I’m pleased with my performance and just getting started!“

Welcome to the Hall, Mr. Tucker.