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Syracuse football vs. Albany: TNIAAM Predictions & Poll

We think we know what’s going to happen on Saturday... but do we?

Rutgers v Syracuse Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Sure, last week’s lackluster performance may have lost some casual Syracuse Orange football fans. But there are still plenty of us here waiting... less than patiently for the team to turn things around on the 2021 season. At just 1-1, there’s plenty of time to do that. The question, of course, is whether or not this team and coaching staff has the ability to pull it off.

Doing so starts with a strong Saturday effort against the Albany Great Danes — which we hopefully get. Does the TNIAAM staff believe we’ll see a resurgent Orange squad? Check out our picks below (and leave your own, too).


Syracuse 41, Albany 9

You’re not going to be happy about this, despite the win. But basically, SU will get up by a like 17 points and then just put it in neutral the rest of the game with the QB competition taking centerstage — despite play-calling that won’t allow either Garrett Shrader or Tommy DeVito to really cement the job for themselves. The defense will look great once again, though, so at least the team has that going for them. Honestly, I hope I’m wrong about how unenthusiastic I think this gameplan will be.


Syracuse 44, Albany 13

That 44 looks pretty exciting but I’m factoring in a pick-6 and a special teams touchdown in there. Switching quarterbacks is going to lead to some big plays but also some short drives against Albany. The end result is that no one’s position is going to be changed as battle lines remain between #TeamDevito and #ShraderNation for another week. A bright spot is watching Sean Tucker and Jarveon Howard each eclipse 100 yards rushing and keep this game moving at good pace for those who pushed their apple picking back a week.


Syracuse 38, Albany 10

A late touchdown puts Albany in double digits. It’s a learning affair and Syracuse’s offense still has growing pains, but they work out the kinks and take advantage of the talent gap in order to put away an Albany side that can’t really move the ball on a really good defense. The offense has a few over the top, but eventually rides the run game to the win column and something finally clicks for the play-calling, that running the ball works when you have good running backs. That last sentence may be wishful thinking...


Syracuse 35, Albany 6

The Orange aren’t in danger of losing this game in the way they have been with past FCS games, but they are in for a more sturdy test than past seasons and that may be a good thing. If Syracuse is going to continue to try to throw the ball into wins, DeVito needs a chance to get into a rhythm of success, and Shrader needs to learn to stay in the pocket and make throws instead of premature roll outs that will get him killed against better teams. I think both QBs will get their chances to prove the above, and frustratingly, it will feature more offense inefficiency than if the Orange just ran the ball most of the time.


Syracuse 27, Albany 14

I have a really bad feeling that there will be a lot of “Syracusing” happening during this game. If you know, you know. The important thing to see during this game is can the coaching staff make adjustments to the play calling as the game goes on? At this point, the playbook seems to be still incredibly simplified and easy to understand for both the Syracuse offense and the opposing defense. I get it - FCS opponent - but I’ve got to bring it up again. 2014 Villanova. If the Orange goes in underprepared and ready to adapt when necessary, we could see some really stupid things.

Also please don’t play zone Tony White.

Now it’s your turn...


Who wins the game between Syracuse and Albany?

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  • 69%
    Syracuse by a lot, and time to focus on Liberty
    (251 votes)
  • 22%
    Syracuse by a little and we’re terrified
    (80 votes)
  • 8%
    Albany by any amount, and #FireBabers
    (29 votes)
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