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Syracuse releases depth chart for season opener against Ohio

We see some things we expected and a few that we didn’t this week.

Holy Cross v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The Syracuse Orange opening up the season this weekend against the Ohio Bobcats. One thing that we’ve become accustomed to around these parts is the weekly parsing of the tarot cards that are a Dino Babers depth chart. It’s now time to dive into our first version of the 2021 iteration and it’s a doozy.

Off the bat, this is official confirmation that Tommy DeVito is your starting quarterback. I know for some reason, people were unsure on this, but it’s what was expected and the consistent choice. It is now officially his position to hold on to. Garrett Shrader, as expected is listed as the two.

The stable of running backs is our first “OR” in this exercise. While Sean Tucker gets the nod, the No. 2 is Cooper Lutz OR Jarveon Howard. Likely that OR will function on personnel and looks they want to give in a given contest and both will get a number of carries through the season.

Tight end would look strange to see, if it weren’t for the fact that they don’t list a fullback on the chart, they all get lumped in together. Chris Elmore is listed as the No. 1 with Luke Benson behind. This could also mean we see more of Elmore in the TE spot for run blocking support on the line or even, dare I say, the TNIAAL desire of Elmore catching passes like it’s his job.

Wideouts are another spot where things aren’t as they seem. Taj Harris and Anthony Queeley return to their starting spots, though with the way it is listed, it looks like Harris will move to the slot and Sharod Johnson will be the other outside receiver, with Damien Alford backing him up. Also on the two-line are Courtney Jackson OR Trebor Pena as the backup slot receiver and Orande Gadsden II, the big freshman out of Miami behind Queeley.

The offensive line looks to have little change from what was expected, with two exceptions. Darius Tisdale is listed as the starting right guard, over Dakota Davis, who has been out most of the preseason with the dreaded Lower Body Injury, and is probably getting back to speed. Also, of note, Kalan Ellis, the enormous freshman is looking solid enough to grab the backup left guard spot.

On to the defense, the d-line is chalk, but the linebackers are interesting. It seems as if Marlowe Wax, as Christian mentioned, is running with the ones as the Mike linebacker, and Geoff Cantin-Arku as the No. 2. Stefon Thompson and Leon Lowery seem to be the options at Sam with Steve Linton still not at 100% and Mikel Jones and Anwar Sparrow are your Will linebackers.

No no one’s surprise, Garrett Williams is starting at corner, opposite standout freshman Duce Chestnut, with a stable of three listed CBs behind them, and the center of the secondary has shuffled around a bit. Ja’Had Carter returns as the starter, with Eric Coley listed behind him at the boundary safety, a turn about from last years opening depth chart before Coley got injured. Rob Hanna returns as the rover, with converted WR Justin Barron as the backup. Ben LaBrosse starts as the free safety, which he played some last season, with newcomer from New Mexico State, Jason Simmons behind him as the backup.

I’m sure you all have thoughts on the inaugural 2021 depth chart, so hit up the comments section with what surprised you. Or even what didn’t.