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Troy Nunes is an Absolute LiveStream: Football season and Ohio Bobcats preview


Boston College v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

The Syracuse Orange football program plays an actual, honest to goodness football game Saturday night! Andy, Steve, and Christian are FINALLY dusting off those football preview skills for all of you!

For those new around these parts, we do a live show every Sunday night at 8 PM ET! Can’t tune in and watch live? Press play below to watch the whole thing when you can!

On this edition of the Nunes LiveStream, the guys talked about:

  • Football’s back!
  • Offensive depth chart preview: What is the strategy with the wide receiver group?
  • Who’s hurt on the offensive line, and how are the Orange going to work around those injuries?
  • Defensive depth chart preview: How many different looks will we get based on the player rotation?
  • Who’s best for the rover position?
  • Season predictions! Don’t listen to Andy or Christian, listen to Steve’s eternal optimism!
  • Ohio Bobcats: What are they?
  • Ohio’s offense is exactly what the Orange struggled with last season: how do they counter?
  • Who’s going to be the biggest reason the Orange win? Tommy DeVito. Arm your keyboards.
  • How many people will watch the Orange vs Rutgers and Albany?
  • Join our Discord!

These will be taking place every Sunday night at 8 PM ET, so feel free to join in the fun or wait until the following Monday morning for the re-watch above!